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    Source: John Anderson (johnandedith2@attbi.com)

    Summary Information

    • Category: Open
    • Political Power: 0
    • Military Power: 7
    • Economic Power: 8
    • Size: 7


    The Foreign Legions of Albright is a group of 3 corporate structured world. The only export they had was mining material. The soil of the main world proving to be acidic to grow food stuffs. As markets rose and fell through the decades the various CEO’s banded together and decided on a long ranged plan of providing work for the worlds growing population base and keeping the security of their star system from falling to foreign influence.

    Forming the First Foreign Legion (Ground Assault) the CEO's contracted out this force to any nation, world or Empire. The units main contract function was to establish beachheads for the Employer.

    Years went by and more Ground Legions were formed for various missions. After 120 years the Legions met their first Crisis, one they never had considered. Two ground legions were employed and ended up facing off against each other. The Galactic Empires watched with interest as to how this matter would be dealt with. After much debate the CEO’ Voted 9-0 that whenever different Legions were pitted against each other the contracts they were operating under had to stand. Casualties were high with the end result of both Legions being disbanded and forming new Training Cadre's for new Legions. This firmly established the Foreign Legions as force that was honorable and trustworthy.

    Editorial Notes

    I formed this group of 3 worlds as an item I felt was missing from the Full Thrust/Stargrunt Universe. Most other gaming systems have established mercenary rules i.e.. Travellers, Star Fleet Battles, Battletech to name a few. This hopefully will add more depth to GZG’s Full Thrust and Star Grunt

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    Author:: John Anderson

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