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    Source: douggerbeast@yahoo.com - Doug 'The Beast' Evans

    Summary Information

    • Category: Conventional
    • Political Power: ?
    • Military Power: ?
    • Economic Power: ?
    • Size: ?


    Remnants of a 'loser' during one of the corporate wars, when rivalries flared into open aggression. Company loyalty during this period could supersede those of nation or planet. Location is in a deep space exploration zone; company records of the zone were destroyed.

    Editorial Notes

    All details have been kept intentional vague, though it should be considered a very small and limited corporate 'state'. The 'navy' will be made up of converted merchant transports (similar to supertankers, i.e. big, slow, fragile) and survey craft (uber fighters), along with smaller security forces.

    For More Information

    Questions may be directed to the address above. No web site currently available.


    Author:: Doug Evans

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