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    Source: Noam Izenberg / GZG Published Works

    Summary Information

    • Category: Official
    • Political Power: 4
    • Military Power: 4
    • Economic Power: 7
    • Size: 5


    New Israel is an independent Jewish state founded by early interstellar pioneers and remnants of the destroyed terrestrial state of Israel.

    New Israel is a parliamentary republic spread over five worlds and numerous outposts in three systems. The head of state is the President, elected by the Legislature to a five-year term; the Prime Minister, elected by the voters, is head of government; the Legislature is the unicameral Knesset, with 120 members. The four largest colonies have smaller "state" versions of the national government with Governor, Ministers of State, and Knesset M'dina. The national government is currently dominated by the Bitachon (security) party. Other major parties include N'kam (vengeance), which is rapidly on the wane, Chalutzim (pioneers), Tzirim (labor), and Derech Or, (the way of light), the largest religious party.

    The current "Security Government" has enjoyed a broad coalition of support since replacing the "Vengeance Government" in 2158. New Israel military is primarily concerned with the safety and security of the people. New Israel is on average more religious than Old Israel, but religious and secular power blocs get along better than in the past. The ultra-religious hold small, though sometimes lopsided power, as do the pure secularists. The lessons of history, however are burned into the national and social psyche, and most divisions are quickly cast aside to counter perceived threats.

    The intelligence network is extensive, and government supported and sanctioned mercenary groups act as revenue sources, additional training, ready reserves, and information gatherers in the core systems and beyond. One of the first human colonies to become truly self-sufficient, NI has an isolationist bent, not wanting to get nationally involved in the affairs of others. However, the government is on friendly terms with NAC, OU, and PAU (though PAU is occasionally a trade competitor), neutral towards NSL, FSE and most minor powers, cool with ESU and IC and hostile to IF. NI policy towards IF focuses on denying the IF the ability to make war on NI, classifying most IF FTL capable tugs and all FTL military ships of Destroyer class and higher as imminent security threats. Symbiotic research, technical, and trade alliances exist with a number of Japanese corporations.

    With the advent of the InterSentient War, New Israel finds itself allying increasingly with the Core Worlds and Inner Colonies, co-operating and co-rdinating with UNSC defense efforts against the Kra'Vak.

    Editorial Notes

    New Israel is an "Official Nation", a minor power mentioned in the FT rule books and SG manual. This conception of NI is intended to be fully compatible with canon Tuffleyverse history.

    DS scale miniatures for NI are produced by GZG, SG scale and FT scale miniatures are produced for a similar power (but divergent concept and history - the Semitic Federation of Space Faring Worlds) by Brigade Models This conception of NI is intended to be fully compatible with official Tuffleyverse history.

    New Israel encompases a number of "Conventional" groups and technologies - not mentioned in any canon document but compatible with the GZG universe.

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    Author and Contributors

    Source/Entry Author: Noam Izenberg

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